About CPDLab

The two-year CPDLab project, started in October 2011, aims to improve the quality of ICT-related Continuing Professional Development available to teachers, school leaders and other school staff and help schools become effective learning environments by offering a portfolio of training courses directly related to the needs of teachers in the future classroom.


Comenius In-Service Training grants

Costs of participation in the CPDLab courses can be supported with Comenius In-Service Training for Teachers and other Educational Staff grants for which interested people should apply to their respective National Agencies. Choosing a course does not guarantee being awarded a Comenius grant. Please refer to the website of your National Agency for further information.

The CPDLab partners don't handle any grant applications or have no influence on who will be given a grant.

Further information

(NB: The application of the Comenius grants for the courses running in winter/spring 2014 was closd on 17 September 2013).

CPDLab courses

Courses: spring 2014 - Get registered now!

A new CPDLab course “Future Classroom – adapting pedagogical practice” will be held in spring 2014. The course is also available in the Comenius in-service training database (ref: BE-2014-296-003). The course is aimed for secondary school teachers and will provide a very practical workshop-based experience to help teachers adapt their current pedagogical practice, and learn new tools and skills. 

During the course the participants will:

  • discuss the future classroom, sharing videos of their current practice
  • develop their own future learning scenarios
  • practice with the 'Future Scenarios Toolkit' developed by the iTEC project
  • consider the role of digital literacy skills, both their own and their students, and the importance of critical thinking
  • rethink communication and collaboration within and beyond the classroom, incorporating the wide range technologies found in the classroom today

The 5-day course will be organised on 17-21 March 2014.

Course fees:

  • Course tuition and materials: 750€
  • Lunches (5): 100€
  • Accommodation and dinners: The participants will take care of their own accommodation so they can select an option that is suitable for their budgets. There will be social dinners where the course participants can join on their own expense.

Download practical information here (pdf)
Questions? If you still have questions after reading the document please contact maria.rizza@eun.org

Are you interested to take part in this course? Send an email to maria.rizza@eun.org indicating your name, organisation, country and the financing plan (yourself, your schools, or the Comenius grant). Please mention also which edition (February or March) you would join.

Courses: summer 2013 - The registration has been closed

The CPDLab project plans, develops and delivers three courses for teachers professional development:

  1. Pedagogical use of interactive whiteboards in schools
  2. eSafety
  3. Future Classroom Scenarios.

The main audience for the trainings are teachers and trainers involved in continuing professional development in education at school, region or country level. The courses will be delivered at European Schoolnet's Future Classroom Lab in Brussels.

All three courses will run from summer 2013 and the courses have been listed in the European Commission’s Comenius/Grundtvig in-service training database (NB: The application for the Comenius grants for the courses running in summer 2013 has closed on 16 January).

Course catalog

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Course descriptions

Interactive Whiteboards – making the most of your IWB, a pedagogical approach

This is a generic, pedagogy-led interactive whiteboards (IWB) course. It assumes that delegates already have a baseline knowledge of IWBs, and complements the technical-led training that is typically delivered to schools and their teachers following the investment in interactive whiteboard technology. The CPDLab course is looking to extend this to fully exploit teaching and learning opportunities offered by IWB technologies.

eSafety – bringing eSafety into everyday teaching and learning

There is a wealth of information on different issues related to being safe online, and within each member state there are websites to download relevant information. There are also training courses addressing specifi c issues such as cyber-bullying. Research has however confi rmed there is still limited training for schools on eSafety, which has contributed to the launch of a pilot for a schools’ eSafety Label and has inspired the development of this CPDLab course covering a wide range of issues.

Future Classroom Scenarios – implementing new teaching and learning activities in the future classroom

The third course is linked to the iTEC project. This four-year, pan-European project is focused on the design of the future classroom. Divided into phases, the project will deliver a range of innovative learning activities and validate these via pilots in over 1,000 classrooms across Europe. The CPDLab project is developing training around these validated learning activities in order to spread and disseminate best practice.