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Developing CPDLab courses - Validation workshop in Brussels

Validation is an important part of developing courses aimed for pan-European teacher training. The second phase of validation has already included several components: review of the courses and supporting materials; a validation questionnaire and a validation workshop. Over 30 experts - project partners, course leads, focus group teachers and other experts - participated in the workshop in February in Brussels.

Some of the validation workshop outputs were (per course):

  • eSafety: It was suggested to give a stronger focus with some topics in terms of practical guidelines (digital rights, safe searching, incident handling) and some new topics to be considered (e.g. internet addiction, parental involvement). Pre-activities and follow-up activities are an important part of the course and each trainer has to adjust those according to participants. For instance, a survey before attending the course could help the trainer select the resources and understand the level of ICT competences and the language spoken by the attendees.
  • Interactive whiteboards: The focus group teachers appreciated very much the structure of the course. The assessment module generated some discussion. The course leader presented the use of the responders and clickers and other freeware solutions to describe the possible use of technology to assess students. From a technological point of view, the group agreed that the course is not meant to provide basic technical skills to use the IWB. Teachers attending the course should have them already. During the course, it was suggested that participants produce their own content to be used as soon as the teachers return to their classrooms.
  • Future Classroom Scenarios: The course seems to have a great potential to provide innovation based added value to educational practice. However, it could be useful to integrate the innovative methodology with real practice and hands on activities in order not to have a too abstract structure. The course should keep the scenario based approach as the main focus but include in different moments of the overall structure a mix of differentiated situations such as: collaboration events, practice sharing occasions, brainstorming phases, expertise exchange activities, etc. So that the new scenario method becomes a lively pathway always related to real school based situations.

The course development and validation will continue as follows:

  • Finalising courses and materials by the end of March followed by a final review and validation webinars
  • Final version available in June followed by the Phase 2 validation report
  • Course delivery in Brussels in June-July
  • Possible changes to the courses and material after the delivery in August