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Learning about IWB through sharing and exploring
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Learning about IWB through sharing and exploring

The CPDLab course “Interactive Whiteboards – Making the most of your IWB, a pedagogical approach” concluded on 5th July after a week-long exploration into effective use of the interactive whiteboard technology.

The twenty-one participants on the course came from 13 countries across Europe to share and discuss how to effectively use their interactive whiteboards in learning and teaching. There was a mix of experience levels in the group – ranging from almost complete beginner to those with several years of experience in using interactive technologies and this provided an exciting framework for the participants to support and learn from each other.

Throughout the course, participants steadily built up their expertise of using interactive whiteboards in a range of pedagogical scenarios. There was also a focus on the role of the student and the teacher within the interactive classroom. The assortment of interactive whiteboard models and collaborative tools available in the Future Classroom Lab allowed for opportunity to experiment with new technologies too. A highlight of the course was an experiment around collaboration beyond the classroom with one of the participants teaching the rest of the class how to programme a musical sequencer on an interactive whiteboard via web-conferencing.

The course concluded with the participants undertaking “The Challenge” to create their own new resources.  At the end of the week, the participants were able to share these with each other. The presentations illustrated the range of expertise gained and there was great enthusiasm for putting all of the new knowledge into good use when the participants returned home.