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Harvest of the Future Classroom Scenarios course

The Future Classroom Scenarios course tookl place in Brussels with 26 participants from 14 countries and three trainers on 8-12 July 2013. In the final module the participants we asked to REFLECT on what they had covered, and COLLABORATIVELY CREATE something memorable to SHARE.

Here you find one of the results, see the other ones here.

Take part - Survey on teachers' information channels

European Schoolnet is running this survey to find out about the media channels teachers use to keep up with the latest news in education and teacher professional development. By filling out the survey you will be entered into a draw for a €25 Amazon voucher.

The survey is available in different languages, please take the survey only once in the language you prefer:

IWB course highlights - Roberto's music lesson

See here how Roberto, a music teacher from Italy, run a small exercise with his course colleagues using the Cisco video lecturing system. The exercise was part of the Interactive Whiteboard Technologies course that run at the Future Classroom Lab 1-5 July.



Learning interactive teachnologies in the classroom - IWB course ongoing

The course "The pedagogical use of Interactive Whiteboard technologies in the classroom" has currently 21 participants rethinking the use and role of interactive technologies in their teaching practice and school. The participants, coming from 11 different countries, have explored during the first days of the course on how to use IWBs in specific subject areas; what to take into account when using interactive technology for assessment; and how to get students better involved in the lesson and beyond.

During the five days the participants have many hands-on learning opportunities using the different IWBs and other tools available in the Future Classroom Lab, and peer-exchange with other teachers.

Follow the course on Twitter #iwbcomenius2013

eSafety - the first one of the CPDLab courses completed

The first one of the CPDLab summer courses 2013 has been completed! The course "Bringing eSafety into school policies and everyday teaching and learning" had eleven participants from nine different countries and it took place on 24-28 June in Brussels.

The mix of the participants on the course was great with all levels and roles represented: national, school head, classroom, ICT coordinator.

As the most immediate outcomes of the course, the ICT coordinators planned to register on the eSafety Label programme as part of their plans for taking the course back to their schools and discussing with the management team. For the teachers, at the classroom level, all are looking to embed these skills in their curriculum with their students.

The challenge discussed throughout the course was how to get the senior leaders on board. The participants representing national and decision-making perspective, shared their thinking on this and worked individually with some of the teachers to give them support. In overall, this seemed to be a major issue for some of the teachers, where the senior-level support and priority is lacking. Furthermore, all agreed that the branding and positioning of eSafety in schools is a key in getting all on board to accept this as something that involves them.

During one course activity ‘no grey lines’, all stood firmly on the side of the line, which said eSafety has to be embedded in the curriculum and that it was a matter for all.


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